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Ready to purchase Treats*

Buttercream Cupcakes           Coffee Cakes
Specialty Cupcakes               
Brownies                                Muffins

Cake Balls                              Kolaczki
Lemon Bars                            Decorated Sugar Cookies
Apple Slices                           Dog Treats and Pupcakes 
Cinnamon Rolls (pkg. of 9)


6' serves 4-5 guests                        

8' serves 10-12 guests                    

10' serves 12-20 guests                  

12' serves 14-26 guests                  

Quarter sheet cake serves 18-54    

Half sheet cake serves 36-108        

Full sheet cake serves 64-192        

Cake and cupcake Flavors*

Vanilla           Chocolate           Red Velvet      Banana           Carrot                Marble            Almond

Coconut        Lemon                 Strawberry        Oreo             Peanut Butter     Pina-Colada

Bacon           Atomic Cake        and more !

                                                                                                                             *seasonal options available

                                                                                                                             *gluten free options available 

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Party Favorites*
Assorted Spritz Cookies

Petifores (pkg. of 11)

Chocolate Dipped Cheesecake (pkg. of 12)

Assorted Mini Cupcakes (pkg. of 12)

Assorted Mini Cake Balls (pkg. of 12)

Assorted Cheesecakes

8' One Layer Cake

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